Wednesday, 5 October 2016

How to add third party Email account on Hotmail?

Source: How to add third party email account to hotmail

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Out of many issues which users face every day, here is something uncommon what you can learn here. Check out how you can add a third party account on Hotmail.

To add third party email to Hotmail account, follow these given steps:
  • ·          First of all, login to the Donhost Webmail.
  • ·          Go and click to the Configuration icon located in the main toolbar.
  • ·          Now click on the E-mail folder in the left-hand pane.
  • ·          There you’ll see a subfolder “Accounts”, click on it.
  • ·          Under the tab “E-mail Accounts”, click on the New button.
  • ·          Fill the details of account in “Account Settings”.
  • ·          Now change the server settings. Fill the asked details in Server Settings. (select the relevant Server type from the drop down box).
  • ·          Fill out details asked in Outgoing Server Settings.
  • ·          Now, click on Check Connection to test the account if it’s working or not.
  • ·          Now, click on the Save button the store the settings which you’ve filled.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A brief on different forms to obtain Hotmail Services

Hotmail nowadays has become the most utilized e-mail services among people from all over the world.  There are millions and millions of people that are now using Hotmail for e-mail services. The company provides its users numerous more components with this mainstream email administration, and this feature makes Hotmail better and best from the others. In view of its numerous fascinating components it is broadly utilized by corporate and in addition home clients.
 It permits everybody to check their email by means of web or by downloading them on their desktop into their email customer. These downloaded messages can likewise be checked after close of web session. Numerous clients on occasion additionally utilize Hotmail to store their essential records as it likewise encourages them with a decent stockpiling limit.

Hotmail provides several support service to the users who face problems and issues regarding accessing to their Hotmail accounts. The service is provided through e-mails, phones as well as through live chats. For e-mail support services, the users just need to write his/her problem and further a list of appropriate solutions will be listed in front of him from the official support page. In case the user is still not satisfied with the given solutions then alternative sources of support can be utilized.

In this case the users need to search for Hotmail Support number which they’ll get from various online sites who work for the same. The support numbers are handled by well qualified technicians who have been providing assistance and support to the users since long time for their issues and queries. The Hotmail Support Number is active 24/7 so that at any time of the day if the users are facing any trouble then they can easily and efficiently call on the number and can get their solutions.

For any feedback regarding the features as well as the services provided by Hotmail, users can contact the Hotmail Customer Service for assistance. Also for any complaints regarding the Hotmail services users can contact the same to resolving their complaints.

There are several issues that are faced by the users while accessing the Hotmail account.

·         Issues of Hotmail record password recovery.
·         Issues related to spam and trash messages.
·         Issues related to setting issue.
·         Issues of Hotmail outline on the users devices.
·         Issues of removed messages recovery.

Along these lines, for the previously mentioned issues the Hotmail Customer Service can without much of a stretch be reached for help as needs be. The Hotmail Customer Care Phone Number is accessible throughout the day. The administrators are capable and are extremely all around prepared to determine any of the users issues that they are confronting identified with their Hotmail account.

Why there is a need to obtain Hotline Services:

1.        Customer administration gives its clients day in and day out client support.
2.        There are a several customer care telephone numbers with the goal that clients can reach to the executives in the main call.
3.        The executives are all around prepared in advanced technical support apparatuses.
4.        The agents are very much qualified and exceedingly prepared.
5.        E-mails and also talk specialized backing is likewise accessible.
6.        To fix email mistakes, remote access innovation is utilized.
7.        The service and support given is solid and in addition validated.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Having problems in receiving Hotmail e-mails: Do give it a read


If you didn’t receive an e-mail then you should try these things so as to fix it:

•        Go to your junk folder and look for the e-mails there. If you see a message which is important just right click and choose Not junk. This will automatically sent that message to your inbox.

•        You can also check the inbox channel and sort settings. Check the “View” for filtering. If there is showing No View then choose the arrow and select All that is given next to the View option.

•        You can also choose different versions for more and improves troubleshooting steps.

•        You can also check your e-mails rules. For this go to Choose options and go to Options. Under the customizing you need to choose rules for sorting new messages.

•        Just check if your inbox is full. Many a times it happens that if the inbox is full then automatically the messages goes to the junk folder. For this go to the Storage limits in

For more assistance the Hotmail phone number can be contacted any time of the day as they are available 24/7 to help you get rid of your problems. They can be contacted on the Customer Service Phone Number which is active all day long.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

How to block unwanted and e-mails in Hotmail? Prevent Hotmail Spam Messages

The spam e-mail add up in the email is increasing day by day. These mails work in the email as account information puller, so it leave from there with much needed data and publish it in a prohibited manner.
When the new email address to their sender group, you will receive several more e-mails from them. If you receive similar emails move those messages in the spam folder. Hotmail spam functions efficiently than other mails. For further detailed assistance you can contact on Hotmail Support Number.

Hotmail Spam Mail customer Support

You email id is weak or dictionary email. For easily remember and gain wide popularity most people use weak e-mail addresses. Such those e-mail address does not help users in any manner. Hotmail Technical support helps its users with password related services as recovery, password reset, etc. Contact the tech support team whenever necessary.

How to prevent Hotmail messages from spam

To prevent a message from getting in spam folder, you can add its email address in your contact list. Then the mail from that sender will not move to the spam folder. To know how to add any email address to your contact list, you can contact us our hotmail technical support team. Hotmail primarily delivers messages from your Contacts list to your inbox, not in the spam folder.

Secure Hotmail from Spam mails

  • Sign in to Hotmail and move to “Options” and select the “More Options”.
  • Click “Filters and Reporting” over there under “Preventing Junk Email”. Choose one from the given option of “Standard” or “Executive”.
  • Choose the option to show or block attachments under the Block Content. Blocking stops people who aren't on your safe senders list.
  • Click “Save” to complete the process.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

What The User Should Do If The Hotmail Account Stops Working

Hotmail is the well-liked and stupendous mail application that is self-sufficient way to make the life easy.For the circumstance when the users wants the solution for the technical difficulties there is presence of third party support providers who works separately only for providing the solutions using the advanced tools.The companies that has been referred as the third party provides service for different email services with high security and distinguish service.These third party companies got the authorization for solving the technical difficulties related to Hotmail

For the immediate resolutions related to different technical difficulties the user should call upon the Hotmail support number that is always open for the Hotmail account holders.User who has created their account for free could take the help from the Hotmail help center pages where the issues with the troubleshooting steps used to present and on the other side the user could take a look over the online FAQ’s that is the complete package of frequently coming issues.

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Let’s have a look on the issue if the user Hotmail not working-
  •          The user need to check that whether antivirus application is running or not
  •          Hotmail account holders should also care about that whether the browser which they are using is updated or not
  •          The user need to remove the extensions
  •          Cookies should also be removed
  •         Use the different browser or reinstall the application

After applying all these things if the Hotmail application still not working then it would be better for the users to do the instant connection with the tech support team because they are always ready to welcome the customers 24/7 hours.