Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Having problems in receiving Hotmail e-mails: Do give it a read


If you didn’t receive an e-mail then you should try these things so as to fix it:

•        Go to your junk folder and look for the e-mails there. If you see a message which is important just right click and choose Not junk. This will automatically sent that message to your inbox.

•        You can also check the inbox channel and sort settings. Check the “View” for filtering. If there is showing No View then choose the arrow and select All that is given next to the View option.

•        You can also choose different versions for more and improves troubleshooting steps.

•        You can also check your e-mails rules. For this go to Choose options and go to Options. Under the customizing you need to choose rules for sorting new messages.

•        Just check if your inbox is full. Many a times it happens that if the inbox is full then automatically the messages goes to the junk folder. For this go to the Storage limits in

For more assistance the Hotmail phone number can be contacted any time of the day as they are available 24/7 to help you get rid of your problems. They can be contacted on the Customer Service Phone Number which is active all day long.

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